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Remote Desktop Services And Application Publishing | TSplus

TSplus Virtual Printer

TSplus Virtual Printer is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for TSplus remote printing. It allows you to use your local printer in a remote desktop session. The tool creates a virtual printer on the remote server and maps it to the local printer as if your local printer were connected directly to the server side.

For users:
Fast, easy, reliable printing at any location and with any end device. The common user interface for all printer models ensures the highest levels of usability even when using special features such as stapling or hole-punching.

For administrators:
Easy-to-implement print management provides full control over the printing environment, as well as maximum flexibility when designing the remote desktop architecture and choosing devices.

For businesses:
Cost savings and a faster ROI through a greatly reduced administrative burden, fewer helpdesk calls, lower bandwidth requirements and a far better utilization of the existing infrastructure. Optimal print support and reliable printing results provide the highest levels of user acceptance and increase employee productivity.

Features and benefits

Secure and separates access


Virtual Printer takes care of your confidential information. In case of multi-user environment if there are more than one user logged in to the remote side, each printer is isolated within its individual session.

You don’t need to worry that your document containing sensitive data will be sent to somebody else’s printer, even by mistake. Each user can see only own printers within the remote session. It’s not needed to scroll through the list of devices of other users to find your printer.

Seamless mode support

TSplus Virtual Printer works perfectly in seamless mode. It is easy and convenient feature which allows to connect your local printer to any remote application running printing in seamless mode

Fast printing with great quality

TSplus Virtual Printer reduces printing data volume and as a result speeds data transfers. The image quality of all the printouts is absolutely maintained.

Support for wide range of printers

Printer for Remote Desktop works with all brands of printers so there is no need to switch to any specific hardware. The program maintains all standard printing features, it supports all color modes and resolutions and all standard paper sizes both portrait and landscape orientation.
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"With TSplus Virtual Printer we resolved all drivers issues in a moment. We really like that the program just works without any complex configuration process."
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