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SERVER GENIUS Server Monitoring Tool

Server Genius helps you to optimize your software resources, analyze server processes and reduce costs. Easy to install server monitoring tool for immediate use on your systems. Available for Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019.
Track changes, resource consumption and events with real-time email notifications. The web interface gives you a complete overview of the activities of your server from your tablet or mobile phone!

Prevent system failures

Every hour of a website downtime can result in hundreds of lost customers. Server Genius helps anticipate and prevent outages by providing information in real time. Server Genius gives you real-time reports on the health, availability, performance and responses of your website.You have access to useful statistics to improve the reliability and stability of your website.

Detailed information

You can examine and correlate data metrics with the performance visualization and address specific problems. Server Genius shows which servers, applications, and users are top consumers in various resource usage categories (including CPU, memory, disk and I / O, connection time) on Remote Desktop Services.
Server Genius helps you to optimize software resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

Server monitoring made easy

Server Genius collects all important performance data of your servers and applications in a single place so that you can manage your network infrastructure accordingly. All you need is a web browser!
60 seconds installation guarantee
no complex report designs
no long training
“what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)”

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