Tsplus Remote Work

TSplus Remote Work- All in one Home Office Solution

TSplus Remote Work helps you make that transition smoothly and easily.


Simply connect from your home PC to your office PC via remote access. The simple and perfect home office workstation with a secure connection to your personal office workstation in your company is easily implemented with TSplus RemoteWork.


Due to the current situation, many companies should realize the possibilities of using home workplaces. By using TSplus Remote Work to access corporate desktop PCs, this can be implemented very cost-effectively.


The Remote Work Admin Tool is quick to install and easy to configure. No Windows Server roles need to be installed. Administrators have a clear user interface with all the important tools, from license management to customizing the web portal.


TSplus Remote Work offers companies a complete solution with which their users can stay connected to their office PCs (home office). And all of this at competitive license costs, with low training requirements and often without changes to the IT infrastructure.
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