TSplus Software

TSplus Remote Access Software

  • For remote access to your Windows applications via RDP
    or directly via the web (browser-based)
  • including web portal, HTML5 & remote app client, universal printer,
    load balancing, failover, application control and much more
  • Worldwide access to your Windows programs
    with multi-user and multi-session functionality.
  • Publish applications for a selection of users and/or groups and they will have access only to their applications through TSplus Remote Taskbar and TSplus Floating Panel (no Windows “Start” menu, no Windows desktop).

Grow Your Business Using TSplus Software

Secure access to your Windows applications and data. At any time, from any location, you can access your familiar Windows environment via TSplus.


Get Everything in Hand With Tsplus Software

This TSplus mode is used to display one or more programs in seamless mode. The client only has access to the applications approved for him.

Feasibility of Running Tsplus Software on any platform

With TSplus it is possible to run any Windows application directly on the web. A browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) is sufficient to gain access to your programs.


Connect with one or more servers simultaneously with TSplus Software

With the TSplus WebApp you can connect to one or more TSplus servers. Here an encapsulated browser serves as an access client in an APP for Android / iOS or Windows.

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