TSplus Security

TSplus Security

The ultimate administrative tool for defending against cyber attacks and help you safe work remotly.

Allow client access only via an authorized end device by checking the verified device by the endpoint protection. Effectively prevents clients (RDP / HTML5) from connecting to your server from unauthorized countries.

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Homeland Protection

Restrict territorial access to your remote system to the countries you have authorized. With the help of country-based whitelists, you can use Homeland Protection to quickly and easily restrict incoming connections to the countries that are required.


With the help of automatic bots, hackers can try to force access with the help of password generators. The RDP Defender Tool prevents this effectively and automatically blocks the attackers’ IP addresses.


Ransomware can encrypt or delete your own data. Ransomware Protection efficiently detects and blocks these attacks. Ransomware Protection reports as soon as it detects unauthorized activity and provides a list of objects that must be examined.


Endpoint Protection provides the ability to protect your server even if a user’s credentials have been compromised. With Endpoint Protection, user accounts can be linked directly to specific device names.
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